Paul MacNutt

Paul MacNutt, REALTOR® for Bryant Realty Atlantic

Paul has had real estate in his blood since he and his dad built their family home when he was in high school. Moving to Halifax in 1976 to attend St. Mary’s University, Paul fell in love with Halifax’s real estate. He became a landlord and a renovator at 21 and juggled this with his career in the foodservice industry. Over the years Paul has bought and sold many properties, renovated and built new homes and restaurants, and so it was an easy leap to a second career as a REALTOR®. After selling his very successful restaurant, coffee shop and catering business, Paul knew he had to follow his passion in Real Estate!

The passion for real estate runs through our office and it’s both exciting and rewarding to be working with the industry’s best! Paul is dedicated to his clientele offering professional, down to earth service and his knowledge of real estate.

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